April Fool’s Day

It’s been a couple of weeks since I posted.  The human has been busy working and doing her walking workouts.  She has a walking dvd and walks 1 mile when she can.  She is doing a weight loss challenge.  This week she didn’t gain any weight but also didn’t lose any weight.

Tomorrow she has a mammogram.  It’s been a year and this will be her first 3-d imaging.  She did check with her insurance and it should be 100% covered.  Her supervisor knows she will be late to work tomorrow as she filled out the paperwork about 2 weeks ago.

Just to be silly today she wore her pink bunny ears.  Her co-workers thought they were cute and it made a lot of them smile.

So Happy April!  Hugs and purrs, Ali


Weird day today

The human had her taxes done this morning.  She owes the federal government a small amount and is getting some back from the state.   Then she went to work.  At approximately 2:40 p.m. all the electricity went out and everyone was sent home shortly before 3:00 p.m.  The bus barely got downtown in time and when it left downtown it just kept getting slower and slower and slower.  So it took an hour to get home instead of 30 minutes.  The human is not happy about that.

I threw up on the couch again today.  The human doesn’t like having to clean up all the messes I make.  I seem to be getting on her nerves more and more with my meowing and my messes.

I hope everyone had a safe St. Patrick’s Day.  Hugs and purrs, Ali

March Musings

It’s only 1 week into March and winter just won’t go away.  I mean seriously, enough with winter.  The human typist can’t get rid of the sinus crud with the weird weather.  She gets tired easily and just wants to sleep.

Today was a weird day on the bus for the human.  Her bus was already late and the driver got out to smoke making it later.  Then a black male came running up to the bus followed by mall security who proceeded to block the bus from moving and pretty much accused the man of stealing shoes.  He was ushered off the bus and just when the bus was going to pull out another man got on and asked a bunch of questions and he needed a different bus.  Seriously people know where you are going and how to get there.  The bus finally left the mall 10 minutes late and barely made it downtown on time and I mean barely.

We are supposed to get snow tonight and possible wintery mix tomorrow and then rain on Saturday.  Hugs and purrs, Ali

Cold, Dreary Sunday

Well, it’s cold and dreary today.  The human typist didn’t go to church because it was snowing and blowing at the time she would have gone.  Also the church van is out of commission and she would have to ride public transportation and it only runs once an hour on Sundays.  She did finally go out to get me cat food.

Yesterday she saw an eye doctor and she has to get new glasses.  It’s been 5 years since her last exam and pair.  Her prescription is unusual so her glasses cost a lot of money but are worth it for her to see better.  Her eyes are healthy which made her feel bunches better.

Take care and stay warm, hugs and purrs, Ali

Almost Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is next week.  Chocolates and flowers are great for humans, not so much for us kitties.  Don’t eat them, they can make you sick.

On Thursday, the human typist slipped on some wet leaves and grass and landed on her butt.  Her lower back started to spasm and she was in a lot of pain.  Her clothes got all muddy so she had to replace them right away.  When she got home she took pain meds and put heat on the hurting area.  She is feeling a little better with less pain, but it gets harder to heal when you get older.

Be good to your humans, hugs and purrs, Ali

February Musings

Well it’s the first day of February and the human typist is still under the weather.  She called her pharmacist and got a couple of ideas to help.  You can check out my really cute video on Youtube.  Dezi and I did a presentation for Cat Scouts.  The human typist watched it and thinks it’s adorable.

This Sunday is Super Bowl LIII.  I just hope it’s a good, fair game and the better team wins.

Hugs and purrs, Ali

Brutally Cold Weather is Here

Today the high temperature was 7 degrees above zero.  The wind chill made it feel much colder than that.  The human typist isn’t feeling very well with sinus crud so she called in today.  As she gets older the cold weather is much harder on her than it used to be.

Tomorrow the wind chill is going to be 45 degrees below zero.  That is brutally cold and very dangerous to humans and animals alike.  She is not going to go out tomorrow either.  She hopes to finally be able to go out on Thursday.  It won’t as cold as tomorrow will be but about the same as today.

Tomorrow Dezi and I will present a cute video at Cat Scout University.  It is currently posted on Youtube.

Stay warm and safe, hugs and purrs, Ali

More Snow

It’s January in Indiana and that means snow.  We are expecting 5-7 inches tomorrow with wind gusts, that means blowing and drifting snow.  Today the human went to work and asked permission to leave early to get me kitty litter and herself some food, batteries and stamps.  She did get to and got to the store.  No embarrassing pant problems today.  She was sure she missed the bus but it was late so she made it in plenty of time.

She will be doing laundry in a little bit.  Just trying to get stuff done before the weather comes in.  She has to work tomorrow and is getting her eyes checked tomorrow also.  Busy human.

I received my package of kitty treats that I won yesterday.  Oh my cat!  I now have 14 unopened bags of kitty treats!  I am in treat heaven!  I also have catnip!

Take care of yourselves if you are in the path of the winter weather.  Stay warm and dry. Hugs and purrs, Ali

Snowy Day

Yesterday it snowed all day.  Today the snow is starting to melt, but that means if it gets below freezing tonight it will all turn to ice in the morning.  The human is going to have to go to work in that mess.

On Friday she asked permission to leave work early in order to pick up prescriptions and get some food before the snow came in.  She was granted permission.  She got to the store and got what she could.  Upon leaving she saw the bus coming and starting running while pushing the cart and her pants fell all the way down.  It was really embarrassing and a little cold.  Luckily she got them pulled back up and was able to get on the bus without too much fuss and bother.

Today church was cancelled because of the weather so she and I have been chilling out and I posted some pics to Cat Scouts for birthday den and the Powerful Paws for our Australian trip in a week or so.

Hugs and purrs,  Ali


January Thoughts

Well, we are only a couple days into the new year and it’s been rainy, gloomy and dreary here.  While I was not named Cat Scout of The Year I was an honorable mention.  Hopefully, this year I will be able to do more service projects and maybe I will be next year.

The human is not sleeping well, partly due to pain and partly due to my wanting to snuggle and then wake her up early every day.  She really gets frustrated by little things more and more.

Hugs and purrs, Ali

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