Welcome Home Sawyer!

All the Cat Scouts and the entire cat blogosphere are so glad to hear that you came home today!

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Come Home Sawyer

All of the Cat Scouts and friends are purraying hard for Sawyer to come home safe and sound

Happy Birthday to me!

Tomorrow is my birthday! I will be 2 years old on July 4th. Celebrate with me.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

June Thoughts

Mommy has found out that she no longer has to wear a facemask at work because she is fully vaccinated. It does help her breathe a bit better. She is wearing a small fan to help her cool down a bit. They are getting more fans, hopefully one will be near her work station.

I like gelato, especially cheesecake flavored. Mommy gets a delicious gelato and I get right into it. She gives me a little lick and then I leave her alone to eat it. I also like a little lap of milk. Mommy found this out while eating cereal and I started to put my face in the bowl and then my paw. I also like to play with freezer pop wrappers. Mommy thinks it’s silly and cute.

Tomorrow is the 30th anniversary of her father’s death. It’s made all the more sad because it’s right at Father’s Day.

Take care and do your best to beat the heat, hugs and purrs, Bunty

Memorial Day Musings

Wishing one and all a safe Memorial Day. Mostly people consider this a long weekend to get together with family and friends and eat and drink a lot and party, it’s really about remembering those who died in service to our country.

Not just those who served in the armed forces, first responders are also on the front lines and deserve being honored also.

Mommy and I are relaxing before another work week begins for her, so stay safe

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

RIP Mr. Denmaster

The husband of the Cat Scouts beloved Denmaster passed away and all the scouts are teary eyed.

Cute Pics


Quick Update

My humom had her 2nd covid shot. Her arm got sore and a little cold but warmed up quickly. Her sinuses have been driving her crazy. She had been taking a generic form of Benadryl so it made her extremely sleepy.

There is a new bus service out to her place of work. It’s better than taking the cab. My humom is still getting used to it as it’s only been a week since it started.

As for me, I’m doing quite well.

I’m a cute little nursemaid

The last two days my human had a really bad sinus headache and she took medicine which made her sleep a lot. I stayed nearby and purred by her head or cuddled down by her feet to keep her warm.

She said I was the best little nursemaid kitty ever.

I got extra treats and cuddles for being extra cute and adorable.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

New Bedding

Mommy went to the store to get new sheets, pillowcases and pillows. The sheets are super soft and I helped mommy put them on the bed. It’s been cool, cloudy and rainy here lately.

In a couple of weeks mommy will have her 2nd covid shot and hopefully restrictions will be lifted soon. She hates to wear the mask outside.

I am enjoying napping on the blankets on the bed.

Sad to see another Cat Scout cross the rainbow bridge. Scout Charles is now an Angel Scout. We will celebrate him tomorrow.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

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