New Year’s Eve

2014 is almost over.  2015 is almost upon us.  Let us take some time to think about what happened this year and what we can do to make next year better for us.

Of course I am going to party at Cat Scouts.  Here are a couple of pics I photo shopped just for fun.pizap.com14198930235711 pizap.com14198927496671


Almost New Years

My human typist had a rough day yesterday.  She had blood work first thing in the morning and no food in her tummy.  That left her really sleepy for the rest of the day and she slept a bit longer this morning.

On to new years thoughts.  Don’t party too much tomorrow night.  Drink your nip responsibly.  It will be noisy and that scares many kitties including me.  There are also a lot of shiny things you may want to play with and delicious smells.  Be safe, don’t eat the people food.  I do have a party to attend at Cat Scouts tomorrow.

Take care of yourselves and have a safe New Year’s Celebration.

Sleepy Sunday Selfie

I posted sleepy selfies yesterday but I have a new one for you.  When my human redid the bed she let some of the biggest blankie puddle up on the floor.  Of course, that’s where I had to curl up and sleep.100_4522

Sleepy Saturday

Saturdays are really laid back at my place.  I sleep a lot.  I mean a lot.  Here’s proof.100_2818_0001 100_2883_0025 100_2892_0029 100_3413_0043 100_3890 100_4316 100_4472 Ali & balloons 001 Misc photos of Ali, etc 009

I’m not terribly picky about where I sleep.  Mommy’s bed, the footstool, floor, window sill, couch, top of recliner and the warm top of the stove.  Where do you sleep?  Let me know.

The day after Christmas

It’s the day after Christmas and it’s really laid back here.  Sun is shining and I’m snoozing on my human’s bed.  She can hear my kitty snoring and generally happy sounds.  She went grocery shopping and took out the trash.  She left a plastic milk bottle ring on the floor for me to play with and I did.  Maybe it’s the catnip or all the neat toys and treats but I am feeling very playful.  Hugs and Purrs, Ali

Santa Paws came to town

100_4513 100_4515As you can see Santa Paws did come.  He brought me more treats and toys.  I especially liked the blue mouse.  I was flipping it in the air and got it into the tree.  Mommy got it out.  She was so thrilled that I was playing like a kitten.  Thanks to Santa Paws and Angel Cats, I have a lot of toys and treats.  Merry Christmas to all!

Christmas Eve

I hope everyone is really into the Christmas spirit by now.  It’s rainy and gloomy here but I am hoping it will be better later.  There might even be snow on Christmas day.  I wanted to share the pictures of my presents from my angel cats.  I was poking my nose into the boxes and playing with the paper, so mommy had to unwrap them.  I started playing with the catnip mousie right away.100_4499 100_4502 100_4496

How I got my forever home

Way back in 2002 my human had to put her 12 year old kitty, Ambrosia, to sleep because of a yucky terminal illness.  After a month at work her co-workers said you need another kitty.  In April of 2002, after a long day at work, they took her to PetSmart and she went into a room where there were kitties needing forever homes.  She said Hello to all the kitties and called them by their names.  None of them even looked at her or responded at all.  I was on the top right corner.  She said Hello Ali and I perked right up and meowed.  She put her hand up to pet me and I licked her fingers.  The lady in charge of the room asked would she like to hold me, of course she said yes.  She held me and started scratching me between my ears and I started purring.  At that point I was sprung and was taken home where I am in charge.

My human calls me Pookie, Cuddles, Fur Ball, Short Stuff, Snuggle Bum, Sweetie and my favorite Your Royal Cuteness.

That’s how I got my forever home.

Almost Christmas

Fellow kitties, it is the last Sunday in Advent.  Advent is preparing for Christmas Eve, the holies night of the year, the birth of Baby Jesus.  My human finds this time of year to be hectic but fun.  She sings in a church choir, she helped out in Christmas Jubilee and has been doing random acts of gifting.

It’s almost Christmas.  I know some kitties really like playing with the trees, ornaments and presents.  Santa Claws won’t come visit you and leave you special presents.  I am getting cards from other kitties and extra special presents,  Be extra good.  Give your human lots of love.

Don’t eat the trees, tinsel or poinsettias.  They can make you very sick or even worse.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Back from the North Pole

Well, fellow kitties we made it back from the North Pole in one piece. Meeting Santa and Mrs. Claus was great. We even flew in the sleigh in the night sky. Final posting of pictures.
A little known fact: Cats have two sets of vocal cords, one for purring and one for meowing.3244_0-04301500-1419109693_santatripeveryoneworkshopbye







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