Saturday is Caturday

Tomorrow all the humans who love football will gather around their talking boxes and watch something.  They will get up and yell at the talking box and eat lots of noms.  If you are extra good they just might remember to give you something nommy too.  For me, every day is Caturday.  Saturdays are the best though, because I get extra snuggle time.  Hugs and purrs, Ali


Furry Fun Friday

My human did donate the blankets this morning and she took some more cute pictures of me.  So without further delay, new pictures of my fabulous furry self.100_4571 100_4572

Thursday thoughts

I know yesterday’s post grossed a few of you out so today will have no photos.  My human is feeling under the weather as it is rainy and cold here.  There may be the dreaded snow here by Sunday.  Tomorrow she is going to donate a couple of blankets to people who don’t have any.  She might even stop and get me a treat on the way home.  Take care, stay warm, hugs and purrs. Ali


My human is going to college and yesterday in her A&PII class the teacher cut open sheep lungs.  They also did a deep breathing exercise which my human excels at.  If it won’t gross you all out I will post pictures of the lungs.100_4565 100_4566 100_4567 100_4568 100_4569 All the human in the class took pictures.

Tuesday thoughts

My human loves to rub me under my chin and on my cheeks and scratch between my ears.  I reward her with purrs, really loud ones.  She calls it a purr motor.

At least here in Indiana there isn’t all that nasty snow and wind.  Purrs and prayers for those who are in the stormy area.  I hope you all stay safe and warm.  Don’t go out if you don’t have to.  It’s safer that way.

Purr, Purr, Purr, Ali

Monday, Monday

My human doesn’t like Mondays at all.  It means she has to get up to go to her class early in the morning.  Today she saw a vehicle not stop when the school bus was stopped with it’s arm out and lights flashing.  Then when she got on the bus she needs there was an a**hole in the back playing his music way too loud.  The driver asked him to turn it down and he didn’t.  That person did not get off until bus got downtown.  That was 30 minutes of obnoxiously loud music and no one was happy about that.  On the upside, my human did good in her class today and sold some books back so now she has actual cash for fun stuff.

Snowy Sunday

Yes, it is snowing today.  I am not a fan of snow when there is a whole lot of it.  I am going to share some more photos of me as I graciously pose for my human.100_4555 100_4558 100_4562


Did everyone watch the moons on Jupiter last night?  I did via computer as it was cloudy here.  I won my Astronomy Badge in Cat Scouts.CAT-SCOUT-MERIT-BADGE-ASTRONOMY

Random Thoughts

My human and I were thinking about the cheating scandal with underinflated footballs.  We won’t name the team involved but we think the team should be penalized in someway.  A large fine, suspensions, not playing in the big game were all things we thought of.  Personally, we will not be watching because of the team and we don’t like the singer (hah) for the half time show.  We will probably binge watch Once Upon a Time Season1 or 2 instead.

Thursday picture fun

Here are a couple new pictures of me and 1 of my human’s talent.  Enjoy.  Purrs and Hugs, Ali100_4544 100_4547 100_4550

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