Snowy Saturday

It is supposed to snow today, around 5 to 7 inches.  We really don’t need any more snow here.  I am ready for spring.  Hugs and purrs, Ali

Live Long and Prosper

My human is saddened by the death of Leonard Nimoy AKA Mr. Spock from Star Trek.  She watched the show and the movies and really liked the character.  One of the phrases that character would say is Live Long and Prosper.  Hugs and purrs, Ali

Warmer Wednesday

It’s a bit warmer here today and it’s sunny.  Thank you for all the kind words for my human.  She is feeling better.  I got a surprise in the mail today and I love it!100_4607 100_4608 100_4609 100_4611 100_4612  Catnip toys are the best


Tuesday thoughts

Today my human fell in the parking lot of the college she goes to.  She got a little scrape on her knee and her pride is hurting.  She did let her teacher and the person at the front desk know.  She did have fun on the scavenger hunt at Meijer.  I am helping by curling up next to her, keeping her warm and purring.  Take care of your humans and they will love you for it.  Hugs and purrs, Ali

Sunday Selfie

100_4604 100_4605Me enjoying the sun and my human’s latest cross stitch finish

Snowy Saturday

It’s snowing like crazy here.  Expecting at least 5″ if not more.  It’s the big flakes now.  My human went to the grocery store this morning so that we would both have food for the week.  100_4600 100_4603 Here is a photo of the valentine’s bear and of course, me!

Furry Friday

My human still isn’t feeling too well.  At least the toilet is working again.  I am giving her lots of kitty kisses and curling up on her lap.

Weird Wednesday

It’s been a weird day today.  My human doesn’t feel well.  In fact she feels like crying because she feels so shaky and sad today.  The toilet overflowed for no good reason.  She had to throw out the towels used to soak up the mess as they are not usable anymore.  On the upside her valentines bear finally arrived.  Her gift from her cross-stitch partner arrived today and I heard a big old squeal of joy.  It’s so cold and windy here.  Take care, hugs and purrs, Ali

Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Party at Cat Scouts

The Cat Scouts are partying today.  Yummy things to eat and drink.  Kitties all dressed up.  Even allowed two special mice in on the fun.  Cajun Zydeco music playing.  Kings and Queens have been crowned.100_4599 3203_0-28125900-1424206570_kq2 3203_0-98490900-1424206866_mickeyandminnie-bpfbtThat cake is called a King cake.  A bus passenger was carrying one this morning so my human took a photo.  As you can see, I did get chosen as queen.  There were 2 queen candidates and 2 king candidates so we all are kings and queens for Mardi Gras!

Monday, Monday

It’s Monday again and my human is not feeling well at all.  Coughing, sneezing, blowing her nose.  General yuckiness.  It’s so darn cold out that she doesn’t even want to go get cold medicine.  Tomorrow in cat scouts is Mardi Gras day so here is my mardi gras costume.  I am in the running to be Mardi Gras Queen.pizap.com14238471135971

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