Saturday Showers

It’s Saturday and my human wanted to go to the store but it’s raining big time here.  Yesterday she ran the monster around to pick up my cat hairs and accidently knocked over the footstool onto her unprotected right big toe.  She says it hurts but nothing is broken.  Thank goodness for that.

Prayers for all those affected by the horrible, nasty weather around the country.

Hugs and Purrs, Ali


Thursday thoughts

here are a couple of photos my human took recently.

100_4838 100_4841 one is a neat cloud formation, the other is the goodies she bought at the Round the Fountain Art Fair.

Memorial Day

Today is the day humans remember what other human who served and are serving in the armed forces did and are doing for them.

We are honoring those who paid the ultimate price.  Some gave all, all gave some.

My human’s father was a veteran during WWII.

My human and I salute all veterans, living and dead

Freedom isn’t free

Home of the free, because of the brave

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Part 3

100_4831 100_4832 100_4833 100_4834 100_4835 100_4836 100_4837Here are the last of the bears.  Enjoy

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My! Part 2

100_4822100_4823100_4824100_4825100_4826100_4827 7 more to go

Sleepy Sunday

Not much to say today.  I am one sleepy kitty after demanding extra attention on my birthday.  I am happily snoozing on mommy’s socks again.

Friday Musings

It’s rainy here and it’s supposed to rain off and on until Tuesday.  I am being so silly and sleeping on my humans socks.  She is heading off to work shortly so I am getting my nap on.

Hugs and purrs, Ali

Lions, Tigers and Bears, Oh My!

My city has a art project this year which features lions, tigers and bears.  My human went out this morning and took pictures of some of them. 100_4789 100_4790 100_4791 100_4792 100_4793 100_4794 100_4795 100_4796 100_4797 100_4798 100_4799 100_4800 100_4801 100_4802 100_4803 100_4804 100_4805 100_4806 100_4807 100_4808 100_4809 100_4810 100_4811 100_4812 100_4813 100_4814 100_4815 100_4816 There are still 13 to find.  More photos to follow.

Silent Selfie Sunday

100_4785 100_4786 100_4788

Soggy Saturday

Rain, Rain go away!

My human had to work today and when she was ready to come home it really started pouring.  She is hurting bad in her feet, back and her heart.

She misses her mommy and wants me to tell all the moms out there that they are loved

Hugs and purrs, Ali

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