Just a few thoughts

I have been lax in my blogging.  But here are some new pics of me.100_4885 100_4886 100_4888 100_4889 100_4891


Flat Scout Travels

I finally was able to get the computer away from my human to post pictures of my flat scout (mini me) travels.3240_0-18328300-1437617270_ali-and-madi-pool-bpfbt 3240_0-55907200-1437616866_ali-pool-bpfbt 3240_0-69480400-1437617157_madi-ali-derby-car-bpfbt 3297_0-08884900-1437616972_ali-and-allie2-bpfbt 3297_0-21120600-1437616972_ali-and-allie-bpfbt 3297_0-35115500-1437617034_allie-ali-and-madi-bpfbtMy little me should be on her way back for a short rest and then back to travelling again.


It’s Caturday!  Last night we had lots of thunder boomers and my human didn’t sleep so well.  Today it’s so darn hot that neither one of us want to do much of anything.  So napping is in order.

Hugs and purrs, Ali

Furrbulous Friday

It’s Friday and my human doesn’t have to work this weekend so we get quality time together.  She has been giving me tummy rubs and I have quality lap time.  She put 3 of her cross-stitch pieces in the 4-H Fair open show.  One of them has cookie buttons on it and reads Just hand over the cookie and nobody gets hurt.  One of the co-chairs of the show really, really likes that one.  It may be sold at the end of the fair.  So if you are in Lafayette, IN the 18-25 stop by the fairgrounds and see my humans artwork.

Hugs and purrs, Ali

Flat Scouts (visits)

Currently my flat scout is in Florida and then off to NC and then should be heading home for a brief rest.

My first visitor was Flat Madi.  First we chilled out and then she went to class with my human.  I am sending Flat Madi to visit Gracie tomorrow.

100_4881 100_4882

Wednesday Musings

It’s been a couple of days since my last blog.  Well the fireworks are slowly stopping.  Around here they have until the 9th.  Last night there were a few, not nearly as loud or as long.  My human and I slept well because it was cool and we could have the window open.

It’s still rainy here and there are flash flood warnings around the state.

On the fun side, my mini-me is on the road.  My flat scout is heading towards FL and then NC.  We keep track of miles travelled and take photos of our visitors.  I want to visit as many of my scout furriends as possible.

Hugs and purrs, Ali

Sleepy Saturday Morning

I’m getting in some serious naptime as today is the 4th of July.  Later this afternoon the Cat Scouts are partying.  We will even have the Blue Angels do a fly over.

Tonight there will be loud fireworks booming and I am scared of them.  Last night I hid under the bed for awhile.  I finally came out and snuggled with my human the rest of the night.The booms are so loud and so close they interfere with the satellite signal to her tv.  So we will try to hit the bed early and be asleep before the really obnoxious loud booms start.

Be safe, hugs and purrs, Ali

Thursday Musings

Cat Scouts have started something new, Flat Scouts.  It’s where you have a flat picture of you made to stand up and be mailed to other people.  You then take photos with it and it travels all over.100_4866 Here is my little flat scout.  I couldn’t upload this on the Cat Scout site.  I am ready to travel and receive visitors.

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