Human Rant Time

My human was so mad last night.  She tried to do her call sheet after work but it wasn’t doing what it was supposed to.  Kept locking up, error messages, etc.  She called the help line and the first lady kept asking if it was the mobile app and my human kept saying NO.  She had to yell to to get person to listen to her and the service person still really didn’t listen to what my human was saying.  The main problem being that the site is not compatible with Windows 10.  That’s all they had to tell her and she wouldn’t have gone through 3 hours of frustration which left her shaking and crying.  She tried to call a couple of more times when she had trouble with the “mobile” app on the computer but got hung up on as soon as she got to a human.  That’s just wrong.


Flat Scout Fun with Gracie

Here are some pictures of Flat Ali with Gracie. We are playing with my 2nd favorite toy in the world, a box!IMG_3428 IMG_3429 IMG_3430 IMG_3435

Update on my human (part 2)

She did have to work the overnight job.  She cried herself to sleep because she was so overtired and hurting.

She did see the doctor and is on prednisone and has upped her nerve pain medicine.  It’s only been 24 hours but it seems to be helping.  She even got a new mouth brace she can wear when sleeping.

Update on my human

Thankfully she doesn’t have to work overnight tonight.  She has an appointment with the doctor tomorrow afternoon.  Hopefully she can get some relief.  More info to come after the appointment.  thanks for the prayers and purrs.

Pray for my human

For all my cat scout and catster furriends out there:  please pray for my human.  She is hurting physically and emotionally right now.  She has to work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Wednesday and Thursday are from 4 in the afternoon to 6:30 the next morning.  Friday and Saturday she has to work from 10:30 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon.  She will spend most of that time standing and she will have very little sleep and her feet and lower back will be hurting like the dickens.  She still has to do school work and take care of me.  She is crying while typing this.  Hugs and purrs, Ali

Flat Scout travels

Here are some pics of my flat scout self visiting California and Christy Paws.  She posted these pics and a video on her blog.  I hope she doesn’t mind that I am posting them here.  Up next, Spencerville Indiana to visit Cat Scout Gracie.  You too, can join Cat Scouts.  It’s free, fun and G rated.

Ocean-Ali-167_25931-199x300 Ali-Christy-167_2598-275x183 Ali-Christy-Meet-167_2594-275x183 Christy-Ali-167_2603-275x183Hopefully you can see that I enjoyed my trip and that Christy and her family are very nice indeed. In-the-Saddle-8515_108-275x183

Happy Birthday to my human

Today is my human’s birthday.  She won’t let me tell you how old she is.  She has been getting cute cards and even got Happy Birthday sung to her last night at choir practice.  Here is a pic of a couple of her cards. And of course, another pic of yours truly.100_4905 100_4899 100_4900

Grand Canyon trip with Cat Scouts

pizap.com14390442668211 4332_0-74840700-1439047215_fmspaliinraft 4333_0-80243100-1439089481_pppinraftgc-2-bpfbt pizap.com14380963724631Here are some pics from the Grand Canyon trip pizap.com14380965470651

Tuesday thoughts

It’s Tuesday and it’s August.  My human has her birthday this month.  She seems preoccupied with school lately which is why I haven’t been blogging as much.  This weekend the Cat Scouts are going to the Grand Canyon.  My travel size me should be in California or on it’s way back towards Indiana and then on towards Virginia.  No new pics yet.

Hugs and Purrs, Ali

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