Flat Scout Travel Time, More fun, More pics

Here is Flat Ali meeting Timmy, Einstein and Buddy along with a couple of other flat scouts.



3272_0-05760600-1443474014_hello-buddy-gedc7275-bpfbt 3272_0-46775800-1443474253_dads-dessert-gedc7259-bpfbt 3272_0-50516500-1443474013_timmy-hello-gedc7278-bpfbt 3272_0-64770900-1443474253_flats-fall-trees-gedc7261-bpfbt 3272_0-69615400-1443474013_timmy-hello-gedc7282-bpfbt 3272_0-89743100-1443474013_hello-einstein-gedc7272-bpfbt

Flat Ali travels some more

Here is Flat Ali #2 on the start of her travels.3836_0-01613800-1443034807_pete-mango-nibbler-san-marco-bpfbt 3836_0-11437200-1443034638_nibbler-mango-pete-flat 3836_0-15937700-1443034806_pete-mango-nibbler-model-t-ford-bpfbtShe is now visiting Timmy Tomcat and will post more of her photos and adventures soon.

Troubling Thoughts Today

My human received a letter from Food Stamps stating that her renewal has been denied because she had too much money in the bank.  That’s a big fat lie.  She does not.  She has started the appeal process and stated not once but twice to the person she talked to that what little she has left in her bank account is not going to last very long without food stamps.  Prayers, good thoughts and some sound advice are very welcome at this point.

More Cuteness



More Flat Scout Fun with Felix and Maggie and a little shout out to Talk Like a Pirate Day

pizap.com14427055783511 4333_0-97682000-1442473823_100_0846 4333_0-96814000-1442473538_100_0840 4333_0-92272000-1442474178_100_0848 4333_0-83540200-1442473539_100_0855 4333_0-08343300-1442473823_100_0843 4333_0-21782000-1442473821_100_0854 4333_0-09647600-1442473538_100_0839

More Flat Scout Fun

Flat Ali is visiting Felix and Maggie.  Here are some pics of her visit4333_0-00914400-1442364740_100_0834 4333_0-89902400-1442364742_100_0838-bpfbt 4333_0-94784500-1442364740_100_0835 4333_0-99146900-1442364741_100_0837

Cat Scout Carnival 2015

The Cat Scouts had a carnival over the weekend.  There were booths, games, food, floats, and fireworks.  Here are some photos of the fun.3227_0-20070900-1442165710_image38-bpfbt 3227_0-65645300-1442164764_image48 3251_0-56631400-1442162631_image25 3573_0-80035600-1442163395_img_1055-bpfbt 4333_0-52188800-1442162406_gondola 4333_0-65582300-1442161650_alifelixbacon 4406_0-51143900-1442157834_ali-bpfbt

Sunday Selfie

100_4978Even though you can’t see my face, I am having fun with my new toys.

More cute photos of me

My human can’t resist taking cute photos of me so here are some more100_4962 100_4963 100_4964

Flat Scout Travels

Flat Ali visited with Sammy K all the way in VA.  3244_0-56893400-1441400764_flatali-1-bpfbt 3244_0-60345700-1441400764_flatali3-bpfbt 3244_0-63382900-1441400764_flatali2-bpfbt 3244_0-69516800-1441400764_flatali4-bpfbt anniversary-2xIt is also my 4 year anniversay in WordPress

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