Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.  It is a national holiday to remember and honor those who served this country and paid the ultimate price.  There will be parades and special events happening all over this country.  One place my human would like to go is to Washington DC to see the wall and the monuments there that honor those who served and those who died while serving their country.


My human is also going through a major lifestyle change (diet) for her health.  She is now starting a low carb, low sodium, low caffeine, limit your red meat, sausage, bacon and cheese diet.  She thinks of it as die with a t on the end.  She feels sad that she has to limit the very foods she loves and wonders how she can do it.  So if you have some healthy recipes and ideas, please let us both know.

Hugs and purrs, Ali


Sweet Sixteen

I am holding a sweet sixteen party on my blog the rest of this month.  Please stop by and have some cake and leave your thoughts and best wishes.

Very Important Pet

The local news has a feature called Very Important Pet.  Your human submits a photo of you and your picture with a brief caption and you will be on the news in the morning.  Well my human did that about a week ago and there I was this morning!  Because I am turning 16 this month, the caption read Happy Birthday to Me!  So go to Morning Team 18 facebook page and soon you will see the photo my human submitted.

Hugs and purrs, Ali

Derby Day

Since I am unable to access Cat Scout site today I will post my photos for Kentucky Derby here.

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