Order of the Arrowhead

I am now an inductee into the Order of the Arrowhead at Cat Scouts.  I never even gave it a thought that this would be the year that I would be chosen.  It’s a big honor to be chosen.  The big ceremony will be next month.

The blanket, compass, egg and matches were all I could take with me into the wilderness as part of the initiation ritual for becoming a member of Order of the Arrowhead.

Also seen here, the cake for the new members, my membership card and the sash I can wear on my uniform.

Hugs and purrs, Ali


Summer Camp at Yosemite

Last night was the s’mores recipes.  They will be put into a booklet.  Some of them sounded super fantastic.

The nominees for Order of the Arrowhead were chosen and I am one of the 7.

Today we had a poetry workshop and we wrote 3 poems.  Two of them were to be about summer camp and the third about cat scouts.  Tonight is the knowledge bowl and the nominees for Order of the Arrowhead are going to be turned out into the wilderness with a loincloth, a blanket, an egg, two matches and a compass.

Tomorrow night will be purrmotions, stories, closing ceremonies, and awards.

Sunday we will break camp in the morning.  We can stay for the birthday party if we want.  Oh and we can look at the falling stars too.

Hugs and purrs, Ali


Summer Camp, craft projects

We made a garrison cap, cat size of course, and had to get a picture of it on said cat for extra points.

We also made an infinity scarf out of a t-shirt.

Homer led us on a bird watching expedition.  Since I wasn’t there “live” I scrolled down and saw all the birds so I did get credit for it.

Tonight, s’mores competition and Order of the Arrowhead selectees.


Summer Camp, Day 3

We learned all about water safety and swimming.  We swam in a cool lake.  It’s very pretty here at camp.  There was cheerleading later on and Denmaster has promised to put all the cheers into a booklet for us before camp is done.

Today and tomorrow are craft days.  With my human on a different schedule I will be doing crafts later.

Here are some pics of the fun we had in the water.

Summer Camp, the first 2 days

Cat Scout Summer Camp has started.  We traveled by bus to Camp Curry in Yosemite.  We unpacked our bags, located our cabin and gathered around the campfire for our first meal together.  We then had a snipe hunt and a memorial service for our dear friend and fellow scout, Hermes.

Day 2:  The scouts hiked up Half Dome.  Amazing view!  After we all hiked back down and got back to camp there was a lot of napping going on.  Once we got all refreshed, we gathered around the campfire again for some yummy food and fellowship.

Here are some pics for you:

August Musings

Cat Scout camp is starting this weekend.  I am looking forward to fun, fun, fun.  My human received a package containing spray fabric paints and stencils.  She is looking at all her t-shirts to see which one we can paint.

My human has a birthday this month, she treats it like any other day except for having a special treat.

Our old telephone had to be replaced so our landline was out of order for about a week.  That’s it for now.

Hugs and purrs, Ali

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