Fall Down Go Boom

That’s what my human typist did today at work.  She tripped over a power jack and fell forward.  Her knees are sore, but nothing is broken.  She was allowed to leave work early so that she could get home and take some pain reliever, put ice on her knees and basically rest up for the next day.

She really feels embarrassed and her pride is a little bit dinged but she is okay.

Hugs and purrs, Ali


Memorial Day

This Monday the United States celebrates Memorial Day.  There are picnics, family get togethers and the biggest racing event in my home state, The Indianapolis 500.  Since my human and I live close enough to the track we can’t watch it live as it happens.  We watch the replay.

Today was a rough day at work for my human.  It started later than usual and she just couldn’t seem to get caught up no matter what.  When she gets hot, tired, thirsty and totally frustrated she wants to cry.  At least tomorrow should be kind of fun for her.  She is volunteering at the Round the Fountain Art Fair for 1 hour.  Then she plans on grocery shopping and possibly doing laundry and some cleaning since public transportation doesn’t run on Monday and she doesn’t have to be at work until Tuesday afternoon.

Anyway, hugs and purrs, Ali

Time to Celebrate

This Sunday the 12th is my selected birthday.  When my human adopted me she didn’t know the exact day of my birth so the 12th was chosen.  This year it also happens to be Mother’s Day.

Yesterday at work the social committee gave all the women flowers in celebration of Mother’s Day.  Since my human wasn’t going straight home she gave hers away to someone else.  There are still some left and she just might bring some home.

Cuddle with your human(s), purr and be extra cute this Sunday for your human mommy.

Hugs and purrs, Ali

It’s May!

Yesterday was May the 4th, also known as Star Wars day.  The human typist had a demo at Meijer and some of the employees were wearing their Star Wars t-shirts.  The demo went really well as she sold a lot of product and one of the samplers said it was the best sample ever.

It was also Kentucky Derby day.  Wow, what a finish.  The horse that actually crossed the line first was disqualified so the 2nd place horse was declared the winner.  The odds on that horse were 65 to 1.

Today the Cat Scouts are having their Cinco de Mayo and birthday party.

Tomorrow the human typist has a funeral to go to, she still has to go to work and she needs to pick up her prescriptions.  She would have done it yesterday except her bus only runs once per hour so she would have to wait another hour for something that may only take a few minutes.

Happy May, hugs and purrs, Ali

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