Black Friday

Well it’s the busiest shopping day of the entire year and my huMom had work to do so she didn’t do any shopping today.  Tomorrow she is doing a simple food demonstration.  We just relaxed all day yesterday.  She had nowhere to go, there was no public transportation and nobody called or came by with any leftovers.

Take care of your humans and don’t eat too much turkey.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty


Frustration and Fun

Yesterday was a frustrating day for my huMom.  She went to work on the bus, bought some groceries and when she went to her workspace there were shopping carts and other items in the way of her demonstration cart.  Also, there was no event kit so she had no instructions or supplies.  She called in to her support team as a same day call off.  She was not happy about that.  Also there was some freezing rain making her walk from the bus stop a little slick.

On the fun side, she was able to bake brownies for today’s fund raiser for the youth at church.  All four pans sold so she felt better about that.  A co-worker brought over a small cat tree for me.  A few minutes after he left I climbed up on it and started chasing my tail and sitting up on top and enjoying the view.

Pics to follow soon,

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Picture time


Giving Thanks for Bunty

I am thankful that sweet little Bunty girl is here and helping my heart heal after the devasting loss of Ali.

Yesterday when I did the laundry she jumped into the empty laundry basket.  I tried to post pictures but they didn’t load properly, maybe another day.

Let me know what you are thankful for.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty



As promised here are more pictures of Bunty and a few of my cross-stitching.  Enjoy the cuteness!

Bunty update

Trying to get Bunty fixed and get her shots is proving to be a bit problematic.  The mobile vet and I have been playing phone tag and he still hasn’t agreed to a day and time to come.  I do have someone looking into getting a carrier so that I can take her to a low cost clinic.  It’s forty dollars to get her fixed, forty dollars for all her shots, so that would be more cost effective for me.  I would have to take her on the bus and cannot carry her on the bus without a carrier.

I will be posting more pics soon.  Her new favorite thing to do is play with her toys and put them in my shoes, take them out and put them back in and then roll around the floor with the shoe and the toys.  It’s super cute.  I check my shoes before putting them on.

Hugs, Angela

Bunty’s kit scout pics

I was finally able to get Bunty’s kit scout pictures for Cat Scouts.  Once she gets her own account it will be better.  For the time being Ali and Bunty are sharing an account.

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