2020 is almost here

Tomorrow is New Year’s Eve.  So far the huMom is supposed to work but might not.  Since Christmas she has only worked 1 day at her Mon-Fri job.  There have been computer issues.  Friday she went to work only to find out computer system crashed and there was no work.  She went to work today and about 30 minutes before work was to start everyone was sent home.  Call time for tomorrow is 12:30 p.m.  She is not holding out any hope that there will be work until January 2nd.

She is worried about finances and having enough money to cover rent due to the above circumstances.  She will get some money but it won’t be nearly enough.

There is money coming, it just won’t get here soon enough to keep her from having a freak out.

So tomorrow night there will be fireworks around the neighborhood.  This might be very scary for me.  Since I was born on the 4th of July 2019 I haven’t heard really loud noises like fireworks before.  So I am going to try to help my huMom from freaking out for a couple of weeks.

Be careful around fireworks and all the munchies the humans are eating.


Hugs and purrs, Bunty


HuMom is sad

The huMom is sad.  She is having a very bad day today.  She got a denial notice from FSSA regarding HIP.  Then she went to work only to find that the computer system had crashed and there was nothing to do and she wasn’t notified.  she has lost 4 hours of wages that she really needed to pay rent.

She tried calling the 800 number for FSSA and was on hold for over 15 minutes and still was unable to speak to a real live person.  She did send an e-mail, hopefully she will get some sort of answer soon.  She just can’t win for losing.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Merry Christmas

It’s my very first Christmas.  I am posting pics of me with my presents.  I got lots of toys and a cat carrier.  My favorite toy is the cat tunnel.

Cat Scout of the Year Nominations

Angel Ali is one of 3 Cat Scouts in the running to be Cat Scout of the Year.  If one of my followers is a Cat Scout and not a former winner will you please nominate her.  I tried as Bunty & Angel Ali but that is technically nominating myself so it doesn’t count.

My huMom only wanted 2 things for Ali before she crossed the bridge in Cat Scouts:  She wanted an actual hard copy of the Cat Scout Handbook and for Ali to be Cat Scout of the Year.

Please make my huMom’s wish come true.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Almost Christmas

Here it is the 20th of December and Christmas is just 5 days away.  My huMom is not feeling the Christmas spirit.  It’s hard when you work all day and there is NO CHRISTMAS MUSIC to listen to.

Last night her choir had it’s party and it was nice and relaxing.   It was her first time trying wassail and it was yummy.  Tonight is her office party.  It will be held at a place where there is good food.  She isn’t really sure she wants to go.

There is a package waiting for her/me at the apartment business office.  She will pick it up this morning before work.

Tomorrow she has a food demo at Meijer.  She will be making green bean casserole.  She will also be attending the longest night at church.  It’s for people who are not feeling all merry or happy.  It’s been a tough year for her so this could help her feel better.

That’s it for now, hugs and purrs, Bunty

Santa Visit

Today I am going to the North Pole to visit Santa.  I am giving him a present of unconditional love.  I am posting photos of my visit early so that my huMom can go help at Christmas Jubilee.

Visiting Santa 2019

Meeting Santa Claus

The Cat Scouts are going to see Santa Claus this Saturday.  We are going to tell him what we are going to give him instead of asking for something for ourselves.

My huMom made a cute picture of me sitting on Santa’s lap for this weekend as she is helping with Christmas Jubilee.

Bunty meets Santa 2019

Christmas Wishes from Bunty

Christmas Wishes from Bunty


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