Leap Day

It’s February 29th.  Once every 4 years February gets an extra day.  It’s called Leap Year.  It has something to do with the calendar.  I don’t really remember the exact reason for it.

A couple of days ago when my human was watching something outside I jumped up onto her from my cat tree.  That was the first time I did that.  Normally I just hold out my front paw for her to pet.

Today she is going to visit the eye doctor and then go get some groceries.  I hope you have a nice day today.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty



I love to play with my huMom’s toes.  I rub on them and hold onto them and try to attack them when she is putting on her socks.  I even dry them off after she takes a shower.  I rub all over her feet with my head and very fluffy tail.  She thinks it’s cute.

I’m doing quite well after being fixed.  I forgave my huMom very quickly.  I sleep on top of the covers down by her feet and wake her up in the morning.  She loves my purr and my fluffy tail and my cute face.

I’ll be posting more pics soon.

Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent.  The huMom will attempt to not eat meat on Fridays during Lent.  She is not Catholic, but it gives her something to focus on besides work.

On this Saturday she is going to get her eye exam done for the year.  It’s been a busy and expensive month for her.  She hopes next month will be better on her wallet.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Tabby Cat Club

I am officially the newest, youngest member of the Tabby Cat Club.  It’s a club just for tabby cats.  Please check it out.  Here is my badge.  Hugs and purrs, Bunty


Grumpy Bunty

Today was trip to vet day.  I got shots, fixed and had to stay at the vet office all day.  When my huMom finally came to get me I made some very unlady like noises.  I wasn’t meowing or hissing.  The people at the vets said I was grumpy.

Got home a few minutes ago.  So glad to be out of the carrier and home, feeling safe and sound.  The huMom gave me a little bit of food and I started eating right away.

Feeling much better now, hugs and purrs, Bunty

First trip to the Vet

On this Tuesday the 18th of February I am going to the vet for my shots and to be fixed.  The huMom has a carrier for me. It has a towel and one of my toys in it.  She has it open for me to check out.  I can’t have anything to eat until later on Tuesday, but I can have water.  The huMom doesn’t want to have to take me on the bus in the carrier but has no option at this point.  Of course, she is worried about leaving me there all day and being at work unable to pet me and calm me down.

Wish me luck, Bunty

Happy Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow at Cat Scouts, The Powerful Paws Patrol is hosting a Valentine’s Party.  Looks like it will be fun for all scouts.

On next Tuesday the 18th, the huMom is taking me to the Vet to get my shots and have me fixed.  She’s hoping for a ride but is prepared to take me on the bus in my cute pink carrier.  She has let her work know about this and they are okay with her coming in a little bit late.  She is going to put a towel or blankie in the carrier along with one of my favorite toys.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Picture Time

More pics of me and one of my huMom’s needle art.  It’s Frederick the Literate.

Winter Weather has Struck again

Well here in Indiana the snow started about an hour ago and where I live we are expecting about 3 inches of snow plus some wintery mix.  The changes in weather are really messing with my huMom’s body.  She is having sinus headaches, drainage and coughing which make her miserable.

Luckily she is going to see the doctor on Saturday morning.  Maybe there will be help in store soon.  In the meantime I will help her by purring and giving cuddles.  Take care of your humans.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

February thoughts

Well it’s the 3rd day of February and the weather is making my huMom’s sinuses crazy.  Cold, rain, snow, almost 60 degrees one day and later this week possibly 3 inches of snow.  What doesn’t help is that when she is waiting for a bus there are people nearby smoking and/or vaping and the smoke and vape clouds irritate her nose.

Yesterday it was nice and warm and sunny.  She was able to get her laundry done and had pizza delivered before the big game.  The game itself was quite the thriller in the 4th quarter.  The commercials were mostly forgettable and she is not a fan of performers in the half-time show.

Now all she needs is for the cable satellite to be fixed so that the local channels don’t keep pixellating all the time.  That kept her from really enjoying the game.  Hopefully it will be fixed soon.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

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