New Toy for Me!

Mommy bought me a round scratcher and at first I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Then I started scratching and mommy was thrilled that I enjoyed it. Mommy is feeling a bit puny today. The Cat Scouts site must be down. So here goes with the cuteness.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Silly Bunty

This is what happens when mommy buys cat food for me and sits the bag down.

I went crazy for the bag and licked it and tried to get into it.

National Tabby Cat Day

What could be better than a day to celebrate tabby cats? Nothing I say!

Mommy’s stitching update

Mommy has been getting a lot done on her stitching. I thought you all might like to see.

Random Musings

Its been awhile since I did any blogging. Mommy is at fault. Her health issues have been worrying her. I had a few days of excessive drool but that cleared up on it’s own.

Mommy is going to see her regular doctor on Thursday to help her get a handle on her diabetes.

It’s also Holy Week so Mommy has church on Thursday night and on Sunday morning.

Cat Scouts is also busy this week. Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Mommy has health issues

Sorry to be away so long but mommy has been having health issues. Her latest blood work showed an A1C of 6.5 which means she has type2 Diabetes. She is now on medication for it and changing her diet and doing about 10 minutes per day on her pedal exerciser. She hasn’t exercised on a regular basis for a long time so she is slowly working up to 30 minutes per day.

Please pray for her. Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Work In Progress

Mommy decided it’s time for you to see how much progress she has made on her stitching project.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wishing one and all a very happy Valentine’s Day. I am posting pictures of the wreath I made in Cat Scouts and one from the Cat Scout party and dance.

Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Winter go away

Here in Indiana we are having a winter storm. Too much snow, cold, blowing, drifting snow and freezing rain. Luckily Mommy and I are inside and warm.

Stay safe, stay warm, and get lots of snuggle time. Hugs and purrs, Bunty

Winter Blahs

Mommy does not like winter. It’s cold, dark, dreary and only good for snuggle time with me. It doesn’t help that she has to go to work on the bus in the cold and dark. Even worse is when the connecting bus doesn’t show up when it’s supposed to and she can’t get a satisfactory answer from the bus company.

On the upside, mommy purchased some canned cat food for me that has a satisfaction guarantee. I hated it, would not eat it, so mommy had to toss it. She did contact the company via e-mail and got a response that they would send me treats. Well the treats arrived last week and I LOVE them! She sent another e-mail to the company stating that the treats came and I eat them and enjoy them.

So mommy tried to go to work today, bus didn’t come, she called in and came home. Now we are watching it snow and keeping warm.

Take care, hugs and purrs, Bunty

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